As a charity, KWPCSG has regularly posted web content since 2016. This content helps them get new members, and helps them raise awareness of prostate cancer.

In November 2021, KWPCSG worked with WebHQ to rebuild our website to help more people affected by prostate cancer to get involved.

Since publishing the new website, KWPCSG have had the most members ever join in within a year.

The success online comes from clear messaging, as well as using the names of the medical experts and tv presenters who support our charity.

Making it clear who we support

A key part of our website redesign was to make the website as welcoming as possible to new potential members.

We chose the message ‘supporting your journey with prostate cancer’ and followed up with ‘providing support to anybody affected by prostate cancer’. KWPCSG don’t just provide support to the men diagnosed with prostate cancer, but also support the familes, friends and relatives of those affected.

KWPCSG Homepage Copy

Raising awareness of prostate cancer

Adding content from Peter Tomlinson and Nick Owen has really helped us to spread awareness of prostate cancer. When people search for Nick or Peter on Google, they often find posts on the KWPCSG website. Although they might not be affected by prostate cancer at the time of visiting our website, it at least gets them thinking about it.

Adding content featuring the names of local prostate cancer experts such as Adel Makar has also helped us get found by people who may be affected by prostate cancer.

KWPCSG Google Search Console Data

The above data, taken from Google Search Console, shows that people find our website by searching for Peter Tomlinson, local support groups, and local medical experts that have helped us.