South Worcestershire Group

In 2014 Mr Makar and Mary Symons invited Tony jones from South Worcestershire, to chair a meeting of prospective members. Working with just a small group of other colleagues, Mary invited a speaker, and we held an inaugural meeting at Pershore Civic Centre on 25 June.

The aims and objectives of the Group are those of our “parents” Kidderminster group. To support men with Prostate Cancer and those who care for them. We also aim to raise public awareness and provide education and information about prostate cancer.

Our ambition is to provide a focal point and venue in the south of Worcestershire that enables those affected to meet up, hear good speakers, discuss issues and ask questions that can be shared and answered by specialists and those involved. A very arbitrary line dividing the country with post-codes from Worcestershire southwards has been used for invitations for our more “rural” membership than the original parents Kidderminster Prostate Cancer Support Group. Clearly we are delighted when members wish to attend meetings at either or both Kidderminster and Pershore. At our 3 public meetings each year we have been gratified by the numbers (up to 65), who have turned up at Pershore.

We have already held events to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer and also fund-raised events, including of course, for “Rory the Robot”. Our plans for the future are entirely dependant on the membership views and we have enjoyed lively question and answer sessions at all our 2016 meetings.

We are a friendly group where respecting confidences and enjoying one another’s company play a major role in the format of our get-togethers. Why not get in touch and join us?

Contact: Gordon Kingston : 01386 462 253