Nicky Langford

KWPCSG are helping with Worcestershire Royal Hospital with the provision of funding towards the expense of purchasing the additional abdominal compressors required. The cost of each compressor is £12,000.

Nicky Langford, our co-opted committee member, is working with the Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust. In her role as a fund raiser, she is fronting the campaign for the purchase of two abdominal compressors that will greatly enhance the operating procedure for the new SABR treatment for Prostate Cancer.

SABR treatment for Prostate Cancer is coming on stream for the Men of Worcestershire. This is tremendous news for those about to be treated.

What is SABR treatment?

SABR stands for Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy. It delivers radiotherapy in fewer high-intensity visits, by using an intense dose of radiation directly on the tumour without affecting the nearby organs.

Understanding SABR Treatment

Our friends at Macmillan have produced a detailed blog on SABR treatment – you can read more here.

What is happening in Worcestershire?

The Radio Therapy unit in Worcestershire is in need of further equipment in order to deliver SABR treatment to men affected by prostate cancer. 

KWPCSG Helping the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity kindly support the staff, patients and services within the Worcestershire hospitals.

KWPCSG are helping with the urgent appeal raised by the WAH charity. The mission is to provide 2 abdominal compressors to be used during SABR treatment.

How you can help with funding the 2 compressors

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity are accepting donations on their website.

To donate:

1. Click here to open their website.

2. Click the blue Donate button (as pictured).

3. Fill out the donation amount (from as little as £2 to £100,000) – this can be a one-off or repeating donation.


WAH Donation Button for SABR Equipment