Our own Dr Dick Herbert gave a brilliant presentation on CPR and Use of defibrillators for KWPCSG members at the LeapGate centre, home of our Men’s Shed.

This is a brief summary of Dr Dick’s presentation. There were well in excess of 40 members present.

Key Points

Before doing anything, first, watch the video of Dick Herbert’s presentation.


What to do if you come across someone in a collapsed condition and suffering trauma after an accident or someone in a critical situation:

1. Secure the site for the safety of yourself and the patient.

2. Take control, phone 999

3. Get someone else to go for the defibrillator.

4. Lay the patient onto a hard surface on their back.

5. Start applying CPR according to the video you will have watched.

6. Remember frequency of compression to the chest 100 times per minute, “staying alive, staying alive “( Vinnie Jones advert)

7. Keep going until the ambulance service arrives or until the defibrillator arrives ( watch the video again to learn how to apply the defibrillator)

8. Apply the defibrillator according to the video.

9. Carry on with CPR awaiting the arrival of emergency services.

You never know when you may come across a critical situation, if you know what to do and in which order you can save someone’s life.

Dr Dick Herbert - CPR and Defibrillator Training
Dr Dick Herbert - CPR Training