Richard Langley

Do join our group and learn from the experience of others, I did and it helped change my life. It was an honour to be invited onto the committee in 2013.

My first link to the support group came when I was invited to the annual carol service in December 2012. I had been diagnosed with Prostate cancer three years earlier and was scheduled to commence radio therapy within 2 months.

It was at the carol service where I met a fellow member, directly as a result of our discussion which related to his experience some years before, I changed my decision on the treatment on which I was about to embark.

For me this proved the best possible decision as the surgery I had led to a full and complete recovery and has given me an enhanced quality of life.

The Prostate Support Group can help in the early days, in the post operative days and also through the long road of rehabilitation.

I would strongly recommend that you join the support group and benefit from all the help on offer.