Brian Wilkes

My brother rang me in January 2015, saying he had prostate cancer, and in February after a PSA test, I was diagnosed and I had started my journey.

I had an MRI scan following a biopsy to determine my Gleason level and then a nuclear bone scan.

I was then prescribed hormone tablets and started a course of hormone injections, the last of five I had in January 2016.

In August, I started 37 fractions of radiotherapy over 7½ weeks at the new Oncology Unit at Worcester Royal, which finished in October.

In November, I decided to give something back to repay in some way the outstanding treatment I had received from my local NHS.

I immediately joined my local Prostate Cancer Support Group, and having a Shell business background with a retail-marketing-visual manifestations bias, I was quickly co-opted onto the Committee.

I am 76 years old and have worked for the past 8 years part-time on the check-outs at Morrisons, Bromsgrove, to keep my brain cells active.

In November I was invited to join the Rory the Robot campaign team to obtain funds from the retail sector.

I firstly targeted my local Waitrose store in Droitwich and obtained a slot for Rory in the December Charity Collection, and in the Malvern store in April. Similar collections are planned for the new store in Worcester this year, and again at Droitwich in December.

I then obtained the agreement of Morrisons to a 2016 store campaign featuring 12 stores in and on the borders of Hereford and Worcestershire, the area the robotic surgical machine based at Redditch Alexandra Hospital will cover.

I then presented a case study to the Directors of Morrisons to obtain funding from the Foundation, and was awarded with a cheque for £25,000.

To date, the Morrisons campaign has achieved over £30,000 with 8 stores still to feature in 2016! The Waitrose collection has achieved £875 to date.

I am confident my target of £40,000 will be achieved.