New Men’s Shed for Kidderminster and Worcestershire

Mens Shed
Mens Shed

Your Kidderminster and Worcestershire Prostate Cancer Support Group
have started a Mens Shed project with the aim of providing a meeting
place with the purpose of promoting; social connections, friendship, sharing
of skills, laughter, having a lot of fun.
We have held two meetings so far, the first where our own Dr Dick Herbert
gave an amazing demonstration on life saving first aid.
We had a talk on Financial Matters with particular consideration for men of
our age.
Then there was a talk about the the KWPCSG web site linked with
photography and production of simple home videos with a pocket camera.
Then for our last get together in February our own member Luciano gave a
very impressive cooking demonstration. The Tuna based Paste dish with
spaghetti was cooked with consumate skill and the result was absolutely
There are plans for;
A gardening project together with the Leapgate Activity Centre in
Fun outings to the Ludlow Brewery.
Pottery Demonstrations with Karen from the Museum in Bewdley.

Check on our web site for the latest information.
Watch this space!!

BBC Radio 4 Appeal


BBC Radio 4 Appeal

On Sunday 16th December at 07.55 repeated on Thursday 20th December at 15.27 you can listen to Stephen Fry and Martin Dallison making an appeal and asking for more research into Advanced Prostate Cancer. This is being organised by the Prostate Cancer Research Centre with whom we will be working more closely moving forward.

This invitation to listen to the appeal was instigated by Roger Wotton,Chaiman, Tackle prostate cancer


Click on the following link to read all about the Radio 4 Programme


A Mens Shed Coming to Kidderminster and Worcestershire


Mens Shed

The Mens Shed for Worcestershire is scheduled to commence in January 2019

The Shed will be free to members. The Shed is about social connections, friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge and of course fun and laughter.

The first Shed Day will be towards the end of January 2019

Over the coming months of 2019; the Shed will bring; Cookery Skills, Photo and Computer Skills,  Well Being Awareness together with Fitness Advice, Financial Advice, Painting, Ceramics.

Whatever the group feels would be beneficial then this can be included too.

look out for further blogs on exact timings and confirmation dates.

The first meetings will take place at the Methodist Church Hall, off Kidderminster Ringway, Kidderminster

Vans and Sheds for Worcestershire Men with Prostate Cancer

Kidderminster and Worcestershire Prostate Cancer Support Group, Autumn Open Meeting

Once again the quarterly meeting was very well attended by both members and guests, with over 100 attending. We were privildged to hear a most inspiring presentation on recent developments for Prostate Cancer and Recurring Prostate Cancer given by Prashant Patel from the QE in Birmingham. He gave an insight into the most recent treatments and the trend for longer life expectancy post Prostate Cancer
For the future and earlier diagnosis,the QE are introducing the concept of a Mens Van which may well be attending an area near you in the not too distant future. The chart shown gives a projection of trends for improvements in life expectancy for those of us with PC

Dr Patel also explained that The QE is a leader in treatment for Prostate Cancer. For the Quality of Patient Care, for the Novel Researches undertaken, the Pioneering Trials completed, for all these aspects the QE is known as a World Leader.

Looking to the very near future Dr Patel introduced the Man Van Project , brain child of the Q.E and funded initially by the QEHD charity. The Man Van will be out and about in the community soon. It will enable Men to seek advice on Mens Health and Prostate Issues. It will enable Men to seek advice in a freindly and less daunting environment where access will be normal and easy.

We hope to enable a download of Dr Patels full presentation in our download section in the next few days.

Prashant Patel qualified in 1993 from India and then trained to qualify as a General Surgeon with special interest in pelvic surgery. He was awarded a PhD from the University of Birmingham whilst training as a Urologist. His research explored gene and immunotherapy for prostate cancer.




Then, Paul Merkall introduced the formation of a Mens Shed as a community based project for Worcestershire Men.The Shed will welcome members on a regular basis for the purpose of communication, social well being and learning some new skills. Please check our next blog for more information . The first meeting will be on the 20 th November where our ideas will be formulated and transmitted to members straight away.


There was a presentation of a cheque for £ 500.00 raised for our cause by Penny Aldred on behalf of her father who suffered from PC. An incredible fund raising effort for our cause was made by Tracy Aldred, Land Lady of Bellbroughton WMC. Her father has sufferred from Prostate Cancer, over a short period of time she rented the WMC in Bellbroughton and organised many events including; A Raffle, A Casino Eve,Tombola and even a Peaky Blinder Night. This was a truly remarkable effort and a cheque was duly presented to Paul Brothwell from Janice Boswell on Tracey’s behalf. Many thanks again to Tracy on an astonishing effort.






Fantastic Summer Meeting at Kidderminster Town Hall

The July meeting was amazing , a brilliant turn out of members and guests. We had the Chunky Monkeys there to present a cheque to the amazing value of
£ 750 for the Rory the Robot fund.

The Chunky Monkeys are a Special Group of Motor Bike Enthusiasts and they organised a long ride from Stourport to Aberystwith to raise funds for our group. There were 7 bikes and riders, the journey took 2 days leaving time for them to raise the £ 750.00 for our cause. We say thank you so much to all of them for every penny raised.

Presentation by Laurence Truman on the benefits of Nutrtion and Diet for a healthy Life Style and positive contribution to good health and long term benefits for Prostate Cancer sufferers in the pre diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation phases of PC.

Dr Trueman, Laurence, gave a memorable talk on diet and nutrition to an audience of over 100 members.
This was not a lecture, but a man to man and man to woman walk about amongst the folk of Kidderminster and Worcestershire where he engaged on a personal level giving us the facts on good nutrition and diet for the well being of us all. He gave the facts which left us in no doubt about the benefits.
The detrimental effects of too much sugar and salt in the diet, the disadvantages of too many processed foods, which are addictive, making us want more and more to the detriment of our bodies and in partcular to the pancreas.
This was not a lecture on you must do this and not do that but several points seemed most relavant.
The body and pancreas need a rest from food and we should rest our bodies for 12 hours without the intake of more food.
Potatoes and bread provide the body with sugar but with the bread and potatoes we should have protein as well such as cheese with bread and fish with chips The proteins make the stomach work to give eqilibrium and stop the craving for more sugar or salt. Once again too much processed food is not recommended.
Omega 3 (not too much), Selenium (good source, Brazil nuts) even better if coated with dark chocolate were both mentioned as being very beneficial.
Time and again it was emphasized that we need a balanced diet and that each of us have different needs depending on our metabolism.
With this in mind I think we all need a nutritionist to advise us for diet and nutrition as well as a doctor to take care of us when we need.