During these challenging times that we are experiencing with COVID-19. I hope that you, your family, and friends are managing to keep safe. This COVID-19 virus is such a silent, and unseen enemy, which is having a tremendous impact on our way of living, and our everyday lives. As we face this unprecedented situation, the Support Group is here to support all our members at this time. The committee is planning, how to face the future in a positive and caring manner. We are a Group of older people, and many of us, like me, are not all that good with modern technology. This time of ‘lock down’ has been a steep learning curve for me, as I try to grapple with all the modern jargon, ‘Zoom Time’, ‘Face Time’, ‘You Tube’, ‘What’s App. This is mind blowing to me. How are you feeling about, and understanding all this new technology and the jargon that goes with it?

            The Committee are aware, that many of our members do not communicate by e-mails, or other new forms. We are hoping to produce a letter to all our members, to ask you to let us have your up-to-date telephone numbers, (as some are out of date), your e-mails, etc., and how best to let you know what is happening with the Group. Any other ideas that you may suggest to keep in touch with all our members. Also how we may further and develop our ‘Support Contacts? They are doing a first class support work.

            I have read a recent account on how we managed loss. This is something that many of us in the caring professions, in our different and varied work over many years, have been involved with. The paper points out how many people in the community have not understood the different meanings of loss, and how this affects, people in so many different ways. The loss of a job, contacts, a colleague, and so on. Loss for them is something that does not have the same emotions, as the loss of a loved one, but is still a loss. What is knew, is that relatives and friends cannot attend the funeral of a loved one. This will cause difficulties in the future. Over the years, very many writers have written about loss, and all the emotions connected with it. I have found in my work, as a Parish Priest, Hospice, and Hospital Chaplain, how men have found it difficult to talk about loss. Loss is no respecter of persons, and it is an experience that we will all go through at some-time in our lives. How we each face loss will depend, on who we are, the different experiences of life, these will help us in this time of Covid 19.

Paul Brothwell. (Chairman).  01299 823495

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