Macmillan Support Grants

There is a hub of information on Macmillan’s main website Coronavirus Hub of information for people living with cancer, Macmillan supporters and volunteers.    Please note that Macmillan’s Support Line Service is operating Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm on 0808 808 00 00

Macmillan Support Grants are available

That could be to support people living with cancer who are isolated on hospital wards or in care homes. For example to provide iPads or tablets to keep people in contact with loved ones.  We are in the process of establishing whether Macmillan’s IT are able to  purchase iPads direct.   The iPad(s) would need to have a purpose after the immediate use.

Macmillan’s grant is also about to support community organisations and initiatives supporting people in communities where people living with cancer are affected.  Community organisations are supporting people with practical support, emotional support and also NHS staff.

Decision making will be done at the utmost speed. If you have any ideas please get in contact and do pass on to other contacts in the community or health professionals.


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