Important Covid-19 Meeting and Contact Information

Important Covid-19 Notice

To all our members,
We are very sorry, to advise you all, that, under the circumstances, we are unable to proceed with any more public meetings for the Worcestershire Prostate Cancer Support Groups. This applies to those meetings, organised by the Kidderminster & Worcestershire Prostate Cancer Support Group and it’s “satellite”, the South Worcestershire Prostate Cancer Support Group.
We have recently cancelled the meeting for Support Contacts and Buddies, on Saturday 14th March 2020 and the meeting at Pershore Civic Centre on Tuesday 17th March 2020. The meeting at Kidderminster Town Hall on Tuesday 21st April has also been cancelled.
Our Speakers have kindly agreed in principle to join us at our next public meetings, and we shall be notifying our members.
We hope to be in a position to send out the June Newsletter, with further news on our events, but you will appreciate that this may depend on factors outside of your control.
We ask you to bear with us at this time, and are always keen to talk to you if you wish to talk to any of our committee members at any time, regarding any concerns you may have about your diagnosis with prostate cancer or ongoing problems and worries which you may have. We are also hoping to put more news and snippets of information on our website in April see:
Those of you who have Buddies and Support Contacts, please communicate with them also if you need some help and support.
I would also advise you to contact Prostate Cancer UK through their website if you have any difficult questions that we cannot answer. They will be changing our information on their site to comply with the current situation. We know our motto is “You are not alone”, but, unfortunately, with a committee in the high risk age group, we are probably going to be living some time in isolation ourselves. It is imperative for the safety of our country that we all follow instructions given by the Government to safeguard ourselves, our families, friends and you, our members, at this difficult time.
From your Chairmen: Paul Brothwell & Gordon Kingston

Call on:
07851 835025
Paul Brothwell: 01299 823495
Gordon Kingston: 01386 462253
Mary Symons: 01299 823166
Paul Markall: 01562 751355

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