Sue Boyes from Prostate Cancer UK on their support for Support Groups around the UK

Sue Boyes is the Support Group Development Officer for Prostate Cancer UK.
Sue gave her talk on the role that Prostate Cancer UK provides for support
groups around the country
“My role is to support the national development of new groups and to continue
our relationships with existing groups. Our priorities for 2017/18 will be to work in
geographical areas that we know to have limited or no support for men diagnosed
with prostate cancer. In conjunction with Health Professionals, survivors and other
care support services we aim to establish sustainable groups. Our second priority
is to develop online support group settings for men who may not be wish to attend
face to face groups. In particular we are looking to support gay, bisexual and men
who have sex with other men. Finally we will then be working on a programme to
support men who are on Active Surveillance, as we recognise that the concerns
and issues they face can be different to men who have already been through a
treatment plan. Of course, alongside all of this work we will be out and about
visiting our Partner and Affiliated groups. With the hope to encourage as many of
the groups as possible to participate in our research and service delivery work.”


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